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Manufacturer : ISSI
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DRAM,Mobile DRAM,SRAM,Analog (Audio Amplifiers, FxLED Driver, Backlight LED Drivers, HB-LED Drivers,IO Expanders, Sensor & Power management ),Flash,MCP (Multi-Chip Package),Wafer Level Memory Solutions

ISSI is a fabless semiconductor company, specializing in the design, development, sales of high performance semiconductor memory products for automotive vehicle (1); (2) communication; (3) industrial, medical, military; (4) digital products market. Company main products for high speed and low power consumption of SRAM and DRAM in low density, while designing and selling flash memory products, high performance analog products and mixed signal integrated circuit. Headquartered in the United States, Silicon Valley, the world's offices in Europe, Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, India and South korea. Please pay more attention to our website for more information.