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Manufacturer : Littelfuse
Agents Company : Asiacom Technology
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Product Line Category

FusesFuse Blocks, Fuseholders and Fuse Accessories,Automotive Sensors,Magnetic Sensors and Reed Switches,TVS Diodes,TVS Diode Arrays,Resettable PTCs,LED Protectors,Protection Relays and Controls DC Solenoids and Relays,Custom-Engineered Electrical Equipment,Battery Management,Fusible Switches and Panels,Gas Discharge Tubes,Switches,Switching Thyristors,Polymer ESD Suppressors,SIDACtor Protection Thyristors,Shock-Block GFCI,Varistors,Other Products and Accessories,Power Semiconductors,Surge Protection Module,DC Power Distribution Modules (PDM)

(Anwar high-tech) for industrial and automotive, communication network, wireless communication and computer peripherals and other four terminal market, more than 40000 customers worldwide to provide rich simulation, mixed signal and optoelectronic devices and subsystems products, including many top global original equipment manufacturer (OEM).